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I am Jessica Simko and I am a seasoned senior level Human Resources Professional turned career branding expert, strategist and author. I have a BS degree in Journalism and have worked in all facets of Human Resources Management for over 14 years.

I coach and mentor job seekers to successfully find their way into their ideal role. I also provide career management services to those who are disengaged in their current job or simply want to leverage their career to the next level. I take an inside out approach, empowering you to have the best that life has to offer without having to concern yourself with all the crazy and chaotic external circumstances that are often found in corporate America. I help genXers understand what it takes to ‘make it’ and find real success in a corporate career. It’s my mission to help you integrate your true self into the corporate work environment so that you can maximize your true potential and find real happiness and fulfillment at work – at LAST!

I firmly believe that anyone can find this success in corporate America regardless of how impossible it may appear at the moment. I have been there myself. My current success draws from the calculated steps I took to pull myself out of what I believed was a truly miserable career. It’s my passion to make this happen for you. Settling for less is simply not an acceptable choice.

Please feel free to learn more about me on LinkedIn.

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