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Understanding and Rising Above the ‘Fake it to Make it’ Work Culture

Stop struggling in a job interview process that is inherently flawed and lacks authenticity. Don’t remain stagnant in your career because others seem to have “what it takes” and you don’t. Most others don’t have “it” either because the work culture is not conducive to surviving, much less thriving. Stop participating in the mind-bending games and drama that clutter up the corporate work culture and the job interview process. Both are riddled with dysfunction, and the sooner you understand this, the quicker you can rise above them. Above all, stop trying to say and do the “right things” and discover how to authentically resolve all your job search and career struggles for good.

It’s time to understand and rise above these dysfunctional workplace dynamics that are killing your soul and spirit. The “fake it to make it” work culture is a massive epidemic that forces most of us to disengage from ourselves and struggle to feel adequate at work. Because of this, our primary objective at work isn’t to better the company but simply to survive in the workplace and keep our jobs safe.

Why Can’t I Be Me? explores the mysterious and disturbing corporate work culture, focusing on why, as a job seeker and an employee, you feel pressured to “fake it to make it” to be hired and succeed at work, and how you can rise above it and thrive. Based on the author’s personal story, combined with her expertise in Human Resources management, Why Can’t I Be Me? will take you on an enlightening journey through the job interview process and the corridors of the typical corporate work environment, where you will learn exactly what goes on between those walls and why.

• Understand the flawed process known as job interviews and why much of the information shared in such meetings should be taken with a grain of salt

• Gain a comprehensive understanding of the “fake it to make it” work culture, why it’s not even conducive to meeting the needs of the average employee, and why it’s filled with dysfunctional games and drama

• Discover your role in these games while gaining tremendous insight into why you say and do the things you say and do in the first place

• Learn how to rise above the “fake it to make it” work culture and free yourself from the chains that bind you into a life where you consistently feel inadequate, insecure, and incompetent

You will then be taken on a journey “back home” to yourself. The result is a profound experience that provides the answers you have been searching for your entire career.

A passionate Human Resources expert, Jessica Simko exposes this work culture for what it truly is: exhausting, demanding, and stressful. Little is talked about on this subject, but armed with the insights found in Why Can’t I Be Me? you will discover how to authentically develop and integrate your work life and “real” life into one thriving entity and finally find real happiness in your career.

This book will officially launch in bookstores and everywhere else in Spring, 2016. As a pre-launch special, you can buy now for just $12.97 and that includes shipping! Click the button below!