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Terms and Conditions

Pricing and Services 

You acknowledge that you have read and understood the price and services within. The pricing for resume writing services is based upon the amount of work that needs to be done and can vary from job to job and client to client. If the scope of the job should change within the project, additional fees may apply. Work is not started on any job until all requested content has been received.


Please submit revision requests within 14 days of receiving the draft copies. Additional fees may apply if requested after that date as time cannot be reserved for edits indefinitely. You are entitled to three rounds of revisions. Additional revisions may incur additional cost. Revisions are errors, corrections, wording issues, removing content, and adding small amounts of content that may have initially been overlooked. Revisions are not meant to add any significant amount of content (please provide all content up front when asked) or to create a second version of the resume.


Cost for this service is required up front and is nonrefundable. Once you have paid for the services and received a request for additional information there will be no refunds as time has to be set aside to conduct this work. Furthermore, you acknowledge that the time spent reviewing initial documents, client interviews, and preparing detailed information for any additional content needed is compensable time.

Cancellations that occur within the first three days may receive a full refund depending on any services rendered in that time. Cancellations within the first 30 days may receive a partial refund. There are absolutely no refunds for canceled jobs after 30 days however, credit is valid to use for this service for up to 12 months (timeline is subject to availability).

In the rare and off-chance your resume is not gaining interviews, changes/edits/rewrites will be made free of charge, however requests for a different version of the resume is an additional cost.

Electronic Files 

Resumes are provided in Microsoft Word and PDF format.  There is no guarantee that these will be compatible with your system but they are the most widely accepted formats for such documents.

Privacy Policy

The information you provide about yourself when placing an order is used only to complete that order. This information is not shared with any outside parties under any circumstances.

To protect your privacy and security, we will also take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access or beginning work.

Should you have other questions or concerns about privacy issues, please ask.