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If you look at the lives of the most successful individuals, you will find almost all of them had a coach. Its difficult to become highly successful using only your own perspective about how to go about do that.  Moving your life forward and out of an established pattern requires a shift in your thought processes. In order to accomplish this, someone else needs to be involved who can provide that other perspective – a true partner and someone who cares enough to want the best for you but isn’t personally associated with you enough to have any ulterior motive.

Anyone can read something online or in a book and try to take new actions if they learn it’s the best way to approach something new. But if the thoughts in your head remain the same as they have always been, they will continue to arise and you will quickly revert back into the way you have always done things. This is just simply what it means to be human. If you ever wondered why it is so hard to change things about yourself, this is the exact reason it is so difficult to make lasting changes in our lives.

I don’t see the purpose in being a coach if it’s just to get my clients from point A to point B. For example, if you are struggling in your current job and I help you get out and into a new job, I will not feel I helped you unless the only reason you left the first job was because you didn’t like the work or it didn’t challenge you enough. If there are any other key reasons why you were unhappy in the first job, they will likely follow you to the next job. Therefore, I didn’t really help you; I just helped you get to a new location where the same issues are likely to arise. I can’t, in good conscience, charge you money for that service (or lack thereof).

To move my clients forward permanently, I work with the immediate issues at hand and on how they think. Together, they go through many breakthroughs on their way to living the life they were meant to live. Their lives literally transform before their eyes, in every way, and while you may come to me for career coaching, my services will truly help you immensely in every single area of your life – relationships, marriage, parenting, etc. Because lets be truthful – if you aren’t happy at work, chances are you are having struggles in other areas of your life as well.

I provide career and life coaching services catered to your own personal needs. Please contact me for more information and to set up your free consultation.