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No Excuses

No Excuses

I had the very fortunate experience to hear Kyle Maynard speak about one year ago.  He is a true example of persevering against all odds and what an inspiration he is!

Born with no arms and no legs, he had and still has the determination to make a GREAT life for himself; one that most of us seek.   Kyle is a highly successful and accomplished wrestler and is a “can do” individual who eats, writes, types, drives a car, and does most things anyone else does simply because he believes in no excuses in his limitations. He is an incredibly inspiringindividual!  I have seen 100% able bodied people do 100% less than him.  Settling for less than you are capable of  is the biggest crime you can commit against yourself.

NO EXCUSES.  Kyle lives by those words.  He owns a gym by the same name where he thrives and highly succeeds as a man who who made NO EXCUSES for his limitations and encourages himself and others to turn their limitations into opportunities.  You can read more about Kyle here.

What is your excuse for not turning your limitations into opportunities?

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