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Where is Your Focus?

Where is Your Focus?

If you are not happy with your job, do you tend to notice a whole lot of people who are?  If you really want to do something else with your life, do you find that you run into so many people who are doing what they absolutely love? If your job does not pay great money, does it seem like all your friends have jobs that do? On a broader sense, If you think you are fat, does everyone around you look thin?

A true fact about human nature is that we tend to notice and focus in on things that we don’t have and seem to think that everyone else has what we feel is missing in our own lives.

Dennis Prager calls this syndrome “The Missing Tile Syndrome”. The video below is so enlightening and I think every single person out there can relate to it.  It is human nature to focus on what we do not have in life more so than appreciating what we do have. Always take the time to work on the things you want to have but spend more time focusing in on what you have!

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